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This was my 1st visit to this office. I wish I had found this office a long time ago. Everyone I encountered were nice, friendly, and kept me at ease since I have a phobia about dentists. Dr. Lewis was a pleasure to meet and was thoroughly professional and assured me that I will be well taken care of under him and his staff. My hygienist was amazing and informed me on every task she performed. This place gave me so much assurance that other dental offices failed on and I am glad I found the Lewis Dental Group.

Trav O Avatar Trav O

Refreshing experience to be in the presence of professional who know what they are doing. I had the pleasure of being assisted by Dr Lewis himself and his assistance, Nikki. I'm still kind of sore, due to the procedure and that's normal, but to know it's been done correctly, I'm well pleased with what has been done. The process to getting my bridge done all at one time, no temp and no coming back stuff was well worth the wait. (over 5mos). Thank so much, you've done a wonderful thing!

Ladi Hunter Avatar Ladi Hunter

Dr. Lewis and his friendly staff are great! Also, Dr. Romero, the dental surgeon did a fantastic job with my wisdom teeth extraction. The procedure apparently went flawlessly (I was sedated) and the post op meds they prescribed have kept the pain and swelling 100% at bay so far (2 days after). Very pleased with my dentist!

Rob P Avatar Rob P

The Lewis Dental Group is awesome! Dr. Lewis and is amazing staff are courteous and very professional. They take time to explain what they find on your X-ray and oral examination and develop a plan of treatment that best suits your needs. I would highly recommend The Lewis Dental Group to anyone seeking courtesy and professional dental care.

cindy aragam Avatar cindy aragam

I have been looking for a dentist and I'm happy my friend told me about the Lewis Dental Group. They are super friendly and make sure that you're informed throughout the process. They also followed up with emails to ensure I clear on post treatment procedures. I would definitely recommend the Lewis Dental Group!

Shonda Ali-Shamaa Avatar Shonda Ali-Shamaa

The atmosphere is so great the staff is wonderful all four of my kids go to the dentist and they are just absolutely great positive attitude positive as they make you feel welcome and love when you enter the doors they remember each and every last one of the patients and I know they will have well over 200 If not more I just love this place is better than any other dentist that we’ve ever went to

Sherita Johnson Avatar Sherita Johnson

5 stars are not enough for my experience. I don't think they like me. I'm only invited twice a year. But it's like visiting friends each time. Very warm and welcoming.

Benny Bateman Avatar Benny Bateman

Very caring people from the moment you enter the door until you leave. Carrie did an outstanding job caring for my teeth and gums. She offered awesome advise to help me maintain excellent dental health.

marcus lucas Avatar marcus lucas


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